Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Could There Be Again Another Browsing Tweak As Glorious AS MTN BBLITE?

Could There Be Again Another Browsing Tweak As Glorious AS MTN BBLITE? - The model we looked at was running the latest Android 8.1 Oreo software. It also uses Asus’ own ROG Gaming UI interface that looks very appropriate for the style of the phone.Overall, it appears to be fairly stock Android even though it looks quite different due to the elements like icon pack. There doesn’t seem to be much bloatware, although this can change by the time the device launches, especially via networks. come along with that too, well we have collected a lot of data from the field directly and from many other blogs so very complete his discussion here about Could There Be Again Another Browsing Tweak As Glorious AS MTN BBLITE?, on this blog we also have to provide the latest automotive information from all the brands associated with the automobile. ok please continue reading:

You could say it’s been an exciting past few weeks for us at Motorola. Just days ago, we hosted launch events in six countries across the world to introduce the latest addition to our smartphone family, Moto E.

But we’re not stopping there. We want everybody to have the chance to learn more about Moto E. That’s why we’re hosting a Hangout on Air next week Thursday, 5/22, at noon PT. VP of Product Marketing Steve Sinclair and Product Manager Bill Park will be here to answer your questions about Moto E’s hardware and software experiences.

This is your chance to ask questions, share comments, and converse with our product experts in real time. To submit your question, all you have to do is include your question or comment on our Google+, Facebook, or on Twitter using the hashtag #AskMoto.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the latest software we’ve announced in the past few weeks:
  • MMS with Motorola Connect - Now you can do more with Motorola Connect, the desktop extension that allows you send and reply to texts from your phone. The new update lets you receive and reply to pictures and group messages (MMS) from your computer, so you can stay on one screen instead of juggling many. This is in addition to other enhancements, like contacts matching and number formatting.
  • Seasonal startup animations! - We launched two new startup animations recently for Moto X and Moto G globally. Which one your phone gets depends on the season for your hemisphere. So, for example, if you’re in Sao Paulo you will enjoy a fall bootup animation, while those in San Francisco will see a spring one. They’ll swap when the season changes. 
  • Find peace of mind with Motorola Alert - We all have people in our lives who care about us and want to know that we’re safe. Motorola Alert will put them at ease by keeping you in touch with your closest contacts. This new software experience does three things: 1) Automatically alert those closest to you when you’ve left or arrived at a specific location; 2) Send an SMS to close contacts when you want them to meet you somewhere or if you want to keep them updated on your location periodically; 3) Quickly sound an alarm when or speed-dial an emergency number that you set up in an emergency. Alert will be available first on Moto E and will be coming to other devices soon via the Google Play Store.
  • SIMS get smarter - As another example of Motorola experiences that solve consumer problems, we created a solution for our dual SIM devices which are available in several key markets. With Moto E, we’re introducing Dual SIM with intelligent calling. This new feature learns from your patterns of use and automatically selects the preferred SIM when calling a specific contact. For example, if your call history shows that you always use SIM 1 to call your parents, Moto E will make sure to automatically use SIM 1 whenever you call them. In Brazil, we’ve taken this experience even further. Dual SIM with intelligent calling will automatically select a SIM based not only on your usage pattern, but also on your contact's carrier. Read the FAQs to learn more.
Let’s not end the conversation here. Ask us your questions and tell us what you think for the Hangout on Air Next Week. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Posted by Punit Soni, Product Management

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