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ATF Box Full Crack Tool Without Box Flashing For All Nokia

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How to open any Android Pattern Lock without losing data is really so attractive and most useful trick for all, We can unlock our any android mobile phone without losing data and without there Gmail or email account also without there real pattern, In last article we was share with you ----, But most of our friends asking us that there are many way for remove any pattern lock with losing there mobile phone or android phone data, But we are need that trick which can secure our data after removing patter, So get ride on this today we are sharing with you this trick.If you mobile phone pattern is locked and you wanna unlock them than i hope using this you can remove your pattern without losing your important data.

Can remove Mobile pattern lock without losing my Important data?

You know are always string to share something user friendly to our fans, We were sharing many methods and tutorials for removing a pattern lock without email or Gmail account, But most people asking that they have many useful data in there mobile phone, and their phone is locked, after this how they can remove the pattern without losing their useful data, so friends now you can get rid this problem using this tutorial,  Just follow and enjoy this.

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How to Open Pattern Lock Without Losing Data of Any Android Phone image photo

Requirement For this tutorial or method for completing it.

  • First, you must get Aroma File Manager 1.80,

  • Your android device Locked either locked by password or  pattern lock.

  • An any Android mobile's memory card.

  • And no need any extra like computer and laptop or any other devices.

Remove Patter password or lock without any data losing

First -Step

After install a file manager of Aroma than follow us, Just  simply insert that memory card in your any android mobile phone.

Second -Step
Open stock recovery in your phone and it is different from phone to phone.if you didn't find it search in Google.

Third -Step
Now for scroll down and up simply press volume your volume + and volume, and for select any option just use android middle key.

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Forth -Step
Now you can options like
Mount External SD
Mount and  storage
Mount Everything
Mount SD card
Mount Preload
Mount System
Mount data
Mount afs

Go back and Install from SD Card. Choose a zip from an external SD card

Fifth -Step
First of all you must Install Aroma file manager when it loaded,  Now you will see there recovery mode. To recover any Android phone's data.

Sixth -Step
Now in file manager of Aroma,

First, go in Settings
Now you will see in Bottom Automount all devices on start option, Just choose  Automount all devices to start which is you will find in the second last and now simply exit from file manger of aroma.

Seventh -Step

Now, once again fifth step do again and file manger of aroma update and that will open again

Eight  -Step
Now simply go into Data Folder and find  the gesture key in the System folder. Now is main step, Here you will see many recovery options, if your  android mobile is blocked due to wrong pattern  or  password lock and press the file for long and the select option to delete the file will pop up and delete it

Ninth -Step
After complete now exit from the file manager of Aroma.
Now restart your mobile for all normal interface done.

Note - This method is really so hard without any video tutorial, so for better understand you can see any video tutorial for this, We will share with you a complete video tutorial on this method, So for better understand you can see more tutorials for this,

Final Words

We hope you will enjoy this article,  As we are trying to share complete steps with proper screenshot, May be if you don't understand any one method than ask us, We will try to solve your issue. If you have any useful information which can also help our fans than suggest us, We will try to update if your information is useful for this article, Now you can open pattern without losing your data, Thanks for the visit and keep it for more

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